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About Us

Clicks`n`Bricks Hosting is a small US based business that has roots in programming since 1986, giving us a 30+ year heritage seldom met by most software companies. The Clicks`n`Bricks program, which has multiple features including POS, CRM, Inventory Control and Work Orders, has been in production for over 5 years with continual upgrades being made. Clicks`n`Bricks was made available to the open source community in late 2018 allowing anyone to download it and modify it for their own needs. The program is designed to work with any computer, tablet or smartphone that has a web browser. This means that anywhere there is an internet connection business may be done.

Hosted and Supported

Clicks`n`Bricks is hosted software assuring you have the most up to date version as well as support and data backups. With this hosted service we do the technical stuff, offer you support services and back up your data. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser, we handle the rest.

Open Source Version

Clicks`n`Bricks is open source software that may be downloaded from our SourceForge site and run on your own equipment at no charge as per the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. Support is not offered for this version of the program. For more information please see our readme file at Sourceforge.

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