Features of Clicks`n`Bricks


Built in full featured CRM

Send emails and text messages.
Readily see all customer activity.
Automate followups to make sure they happen.
See customer relationships.
Reports and charts to see what is needed to keep hard earned customers. 
Google maps to easily identify the customers location.
Task lists and appointments specific to customers and system users.

Inventory Control

Comprehensive Inventory Features

Tracking of item and category sales and volumns.
Track what is selling to make sure it stays in stock.
Easy addition of inventory items and quantities.
For Jewelers, track and search on stones. 
For Jewelers, Print bar coded price tags.
See vendor and category activity with spreadsheets and graphs. 

Invoices and Workorders

POS, Workorders, Quotes

Customer Centric Point of System (POS).
Enter Work Orders at Point of Sale system.
At POS see full customer history.
Enter and Edit customers in POS.
Accept LayaWay and AR payments at POS.
Route workorders to service person.
Invoice Work Orders in the POS.
Easily accept multiple payment types.  

Comprehensive Reporting

Report Summary sent to a spreadsheet where it can be further analyzed and easily shared.

Shown is a summary spreadsheet report of sales by category. Reports may be exported to PDF or Spreadsheets. All reports may be customized as needed. Reports are available with detailed information, summary information or as graphic bar and pie charts.

Output results to a variety of graphs. Pie, Bar, Line, Area and more. Get report results that you can readily see.

Look at our application

Works well with Desktops, Laptops and Tablets. Also works on Smart Phones

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