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Designed from the ground up for customer centric businesses. Built to run on any computing device from anywhere. If it has a browser Clicks`n`Bricks will work.


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Work from anywhere on any computing device. Updates and backups fully handled with the app on our servers. Support of the program is readily available by help tickets, text and chat. Get the support when and how you need it.

Customer Input Form

Customer Engagement

Full Featured CRM

  • Send emails and text messages. 
  • Readily see all customer activity. 
  • Automate follow-ups to make sure they happen.
  • See customer relationships. 
  • Reports and charts to see what is needed to keep hard-earned customers. 
  • Google Maps to easily the customer's location.
  • Task lists and appointments specific to customers and system users.
Product Input Form

Inventory Control

Comprehensive Inventory Features

  • Tracking of item and category sales and volumes. 
  • Track what is selling to make sure it stays in stock. 
  • Easy addition of inventory items and quantities. 
  • For Jewelers, track and search on stones. 
  • For Jewelers, Print bar-coded price tags. 
  • See vendor and category activity with spreadsheets and graphs. 
Point of Sale

Point of Sale, Work Orders, Payments

Invoices and Work Orders

  • Customer Centric Point of System (POS). 
  • Enter Work Orders at Point of Sale system. 
  • At POS, see full customer history. 
  • Enter and Edit customers in POS. 
  • Accept Layaway and AR payments at POS. 
  • Route work orders to service person. 
  • Invoice Work Orders in the POS. 
  • Easily accept multiple payment types.
Reports Export to Spreadsheet, PDF, Screen Print and Graph

Comprehensive Reporting

Sales Bar Chart

Bar Chart

Choose the type of chart desired from multiple styles including Pie, Line, Area and Bar. 

Sales Bar Chart


Export the report to a spreadsheet. All spreadsheets are supported. Group and sub totals may be included in the spreadsheet. 

History of Clicks`n`Bricks

Clicks`n`Bricks was started as a project for a web based program for service providers that could be run from any computing device that had a web browser. The reason was inspired by mobile service people that were seen in various Campgrounds and appliance repair trucks at peoples homes. Along the way, using our past business knowledge and 30+ year experience in programming, it was realized that by changing a bit of inventory features and adding a point of sale, a program for luxury retailers and jewelers was possible. Clicks`n`Bricks was born.

In 2018 the program was released as free and open source. A hosting service was also started that allowed users to not worry updates, backups and support needs. The full open source program may be downloaded from SourceForge. It comes without support. The hosted version is available at a reasonable monthly subscription price or may be subscribed to yearly with a substantial discount. The Source Forge version is updated about 2 times per year. The hosted version is usually updated monthly. 

See Hosting Prices

Clicks`n`Bricks is a hosted application

Clicks`n`Bricks Hosting Prices

$65 per moth

Retail / Wholesale Edition

A Jewelry Store edition is available for +$20 per month.

$45 per month

Inventory Control Edition

May be upgraded to the full version without data loss.

$45 per table

Service / Contractor Edition

This edition is designed for in store and on-site services.

About Us

Clicks`n`Bricks Hosting is a small US based business that has roots in programming since 1986, giving us a 30+ year heritage seldom met by most software companies. The Clicks`n`Bricks program, which has multiple features including POS, CRM, Inventory Control and Work Orders, has been in production for over 6 years with continual upgrades being made.

Clicks`n`Bricks was made available to the open source community in late 2018 allowing anyone to download it and modify it for their own needs.

The program is designed to work with any computer, tablet or smartphone that has a web browser. This means that anywhere there is an internet connection business may be done.

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